Louder than words

Louder than words

At its best, body language is a leader’s trump card and radiates positive energy to the entire work community.

This is not getting off to a good start. I’m sitting opposite my supervisor, having my performance evaluation. I have just asked my boss how I could make room for a new project that is about to begin, and my boss has answered by leaning back in his chair, putting his hands behind his neck and giving me a vague line about the need to prioritise my tasks. The swaggering gesture annoys me – I had hoped for support, not to see my supervisor kicking it back while I pour out my problems.

Some time has now passed since this incident, and I now understand that my former supervisor’s gestures probably were not an indication of arrogance or indifference, as might have been the case with someone else.

”Folding your hands behind your head, leaning back with an attitude, and moving the hands or walking with pronounced relaxation can also be signs of insecurity and low self-esteem,” explains Laura Benyik, a body-language trainer and consultant with HSI Group.

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